About the Company

Reliance Spinning Mills Ltd. is a public limited company established in 1994 AD and is the largest spinning mills in Nepal. The company has two factories: Unit A located at Khanar, Sunsari and Unit B located at Duhabi, Sunsari, Nepal. Reliance Spinning is a high-tech spinning plant with both Ring Frame and Vortex machineries from world renowned textile machinery manufacturers such as LMW, Savio, Schlafhorst / Saurer,Reiter, Veejay Lakshmi, Peass, Mylon, Murata & Aalidhra Textool.

The company is a professionally managed, technologically advanced spinning mill engaged in manufacturing of international quality Polyester, Viscose, Acrylic, Cotton and their various blends in grey, dyed, melange yarn & DTY yarns.

Reliance Spinning has a workforce of over 4000 people including 1300 women, making it the largest employer in Nepal and the single largest exporting company of Nepal with an export of over USD 50 million annually.