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Product range

A. Yarn on Cones-both RW and Dyed
Blend       100%Polyester
Polyester/ Acrylic
Polyester/ Nylon
Blends as per choice of the customer.
Counts      Ranging from NE 12 to 40 (single & multifold)
Colour       Raw White, Melange and Dyed
Use           Weaving, Knitting, Hosiery


B. 100% Polyester Sewing Thread Yarn
Colour         Raw White, Optical White and Black
Counts        Ranging from Ne 16/2 to 30/3 (single & multifold)


C. 100% Acrylic Yarn
Colour       Raw White, Melange and Dyed


1. Regular non bulk yarn on cones
Counts     NM 20 to NM 60 (single & multifold)
Use          Knitting & Weaving mainly for Summer-Wear Sweat Shirts,
T-shirts and Socks, Sportswear, Swimming Costumes,
Jogging Suits, Track Suits and more.


2. High bulked yarn Bulked & Dyed on Cones and Hanks
Counts      DMM15/1 to DMM 32/1 (single & multifold)
Use            Hosiery-knitting mainly for winter wear.
 Pullovers, Sweaters, Cardigans, Mufflers,
 Socks, Gloves and Shawls.

Other Fibers : Modal, Bamboo, Tencel, linen, Allo and Antibacterial
Counts Ne 12 to Ne 40 (single & multifold)

Effect Yarns: Injection Slub, Neps, Machanical Slub, Monline, Multicount, Multitwist, Special fiber Mixes for Visual effects, Half Chenille.

Various types of Vortex Spinning Yarn.
Blend Polyester
Counts Ranging from NE 20 to 50 (single & multifold)
Colour Raw White, Melange and Dyed
Use Weaving, Knitting, Hosiery

Various types of Openend Yarn.
The company is professionally managed, technologically advanced spinning mill engaged in manufacturing of international quality Polyester, Viscose, Acrylic, Cotton and their various blends in grey, dyed and mélange yarn including swing threads.


Both grey & colored yarn
Count from Ne 10s to 40s, both single & double yarn


Both grey & colored yarn
Count from Ne 10s to 40s, both single & double yarn


Grey & colored yarn
Both Bulky & Non-bulky yarn
Count from Ne 10s to 40s, up to four ply yarn


62 Tex          150 Roto
75 Tex          150 LIM
80 Tex          150 Micro
150 Tex        80 Roto Dyed
75 Roto        150 Tex Dyed
80 Roto


78/36 ROTO           110 GSM
78/72 MICRO         130 GSM
300/144 LIM           130 GSM Micro
80 GSM                  80 GSM Drop needle
90 GSM                  90 GSM Drop needle

Technical Details

All machines are equipped with electronic yarn clear- like Uster Quantam & Premier of post spinning machines which are taking care of long, medium- and short-term variations. Monitoring of each ring spinning spindles is done through Ring Data System& Vortex spinning spindles is done through V-Labo III System. Company has in house state-of-art Dyeing Facility for Fibre & Yarn dyeing, New Product Development Plant for research and development facility & Quality Testing Lab for product quality control. Company also has Two-For-One (TFO) facilities for making double yarns.


Reliance Spinning Mills Limited is selling its products in domestic as well as international market, major destination of its products are:

  • India (Bhilwara, Delhi, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Kolkata, Bhiwandi (Mumbai), Assam, Tanda, Surat, Ichalkaranji, Mau, Ahmedabad, Panipat, Bhadohi etc. )
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Vietnam
  • Canada
  • Kenya
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Brazil
  • Cambodia
  • Bangladesh